Charitable Gift Annuities

When you are looking for ways to help Angel Foundation with our mission, you shouldn’t feel like you are choosing between your philanthropic goals and financial security. One gift that allows you to support Angel Foundation’s work while receiving fixed payments for life is a charitable gift annuity.

Not only does this gift provide you with regular payments and allow us to further our work, but when you create a charitable gift annuity with Angel Foundation you can receive a variety of tax benefits, including a federal income tax charitable deduction.

Delay Your Payments

If you are younger than 60 or don’t need your payments immediately, you can set up a deferred gift annuity. This allows you to delay receiving payments until a later date—such as when you reach retirement.

You can use the following assets to fund a charitable gift annuity:

  • Cash
    • Cash—usually in the form of a check—is one of the most common ways to fund a charitable gift annuity.
  • Appreciated Securities
    • By funding a charitable gift annuity with appreciated securities you’ve owned more than a year, you receive the additional benefit of eliminating part of the capital gains tax on the transfer.
  • Closely Held Stock
    • Use this asset, which is not easily converted to cash, to create a charitable gift annuity and receive tax benefits.
  • Real Estate
    • Unencumbered real estate such as a personal residence, vacation home, farm or commercial property works best to fund a deferred charitable gift annuity.
  • Tangible Personal Property
    • Use non-income producing assets such as stamp and coin collections or works of art in exchange for fixed payments for life.