Teen Outreach

Often when a parent has cancer, teens may need to accept additional responsibilities for keeping the family moving forward such as cooking, shopping, cleaning, driving younger siblings to extracurricular activities and sometimes even driving the parent to treatment as they often are either too weak or sick to drive themselves. Teens often drop out of their social activities and their peer group due to the added responsibilities increasing their anxiety and sense of isolation. In short, teens become caregivers.

Teen Outreach provides respite from this stress and a place where teens can interact with their peers who also have a parent with cancer. Teen Outreach focuses on exploring and building individual strength and resilience through a variety of activities including movie nights, rock climbing, bowling or artist led creative activities.

To learn more or register for a program, please contact Sarah at (612) 627-9000 ext. 508 or smanes@mnangel.org.

If you are interested in supporting this program, pleaseĀ donate here.