At Angel Foundation™, we know that helping a child navigate their way through a loved one’s cancer diagnosis is hard. We are here to help you start those difficult conversations. Sometimes, questions will come up for which you don’t have an answer. We can help! Contact us or call our program team (612) 627-9000 for assistance.

Helpful Information

How to tell your child you have cancer
Age-appropriate tips and tools
Basic definitions of cancer and its treatment
Prepare your child for upcoming surgery

Angel Packs™ are free packs that are filled with tools to help families discuss cancer in an age-appropriate and comforting way. Angel Packs™ are meant to assure families impacted by cancer they are not alone.

  • Available to children, preteens, and teens who have an adult or loved one diagnosed with cancer living or being treated in Angel Foundation’s™ service area. If you live outside of Angel Foundation’s™ service area, you are welcome to purchase a pack.
  • If you would like to receive Angel Packs™ for children in your family, please complete the online form below.
  • You may also ask your healthcare team about Angel Packs™ or call our Adult & Family Programs team at 612-627-9000.

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We have guidebooks and resources that were created to help you explore and learn more about what it means either to be a caregiver with cancer or a child, pre-teen, or teen with an adult in your life who has received a cancer diagnosis.


Simply click on the image of the guidebook you are interested in below to view.

Children – Pre-Teens – Teens – Parents
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Niños – Pre-Adolescentes – Adolescentes – Madres/Padres


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After talking with your child about a cancer diagnosis, books are a helpful way to follow up that discussion. Books can help answer questions, let the reader explore feelings, and clear up any possible misconceptions. Click the link below to open a list of books for school age kids dealing with an adult with cancer or separation anxiety, teens and young adults, and caregivers trying to talk to their kids about cancer.


Download the book list

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