Summer. The season of celebrations . . . graduations, weddings, Mother’s and Father’s Day, family reunions . . . the list goes on. More and more, people are recognizing special occasions with a gift to Angel Foundation. This summer, Nicole and Steve are celebrating their marriage and instead of spending money on wedding favors, they are making a donation to Angel Foundation in honor of Nicole’s parents who have both passed away from cancer.

Nicole’s parents were family-centered people. Her father, Richard was very much in love with his wife and was known as Papa to his grandchildren. Linda was the best mother Nicole and her two sisters could ever have had and a wonderful Nana to her grandchildren. Richard loved to hunt and be outdoors. When Linda wasn’t attending to her family she was out on her motorcycle or at the casino. Family life was good.

In 2001, Richard was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and by late 2008 the disease had progressed to the point where he was hospitalized for complications of the disease. Shortly after he entered the hospital, Linda was diagnosed with very late stage cancer and after just a few short weeks she died in January of 2009. Richard died less than one year later in early January 2010.

For many years, Linda was the sole wage earner as Richard was too ill to work. Money was tight as she missed a lot of work taking Richard to and from doctor appointments and serving as his caregiver. As a single mom, Nicole was strapped financially and it was hard for her to watch her parents struggle. Linda and Richard turned to Angel Foundation where they got the help they needed to pay rent and other bills.  According to Nicole, “They appreciated it more than anyone knows.” 

“I couldn’t help my parents when they needed it, but Angel Foundation was there for them. Now it’s my turn to help,” she says.

Thank you Nicole and Steve—your generosity is making a difference in the lives of families when cancer strikes.

For more information about how you can celebrate a special occasion and support Angel Foundation, call 612.627.9000. Check out other stories from our participants in the latest issue of AngeLink. Read now