Dear Friend of Angel,

This Thanksgiving week, as we buckle down to get our work done so we can spend time with our families, we also pause to reflect on the people we encounter who make our world richer every day. We are thankful for so many people we have the privilege of knowing through Angel Foundation. Here are a few in particular who are on our minds at Angel Foundation this week:

“Last week, we concluded our Fall Facing Cancer Together Education and Support Series. I am profoundly grateful to the dedicated volunteers and teen mentors who came every week to serve our families. Whether the volunteers were busy setting up food, greeting families, helping children with a project or being a listening ear, what they give to our families is immeasurable. This quote by Benjamin Franklin, read to the volunteers at our last night celebration, sums up how I feel: ‘No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it for someone else.’ ” -Janice

“When I first started with the Emergency Financial Assistance Program at Angel Foundation, I was so excited because I couldn’t wait to help people. What I didn’t realize at the time, was how much more I would get in return. Whether it’s seeing the tireless pursuit of a social worker trying to make sure her patient has a place to sleep and food to eat, or feeling the hope and determination of a family I’m working with, I continue to be amazed at the strength and beauty I see each and every day.” -Jennifer

“I continue to be amazed by the openness of the teens I get the pleasure of working with in our Teen Outreach program. I am thankful for the teens’ optimism; it continues to drive me to think on the bright side every day.-Dan

“I was lucky enough to supervise a great group of Girl Scouts who volunteered at our office. Not only did they give generously of their time and effort, but they also presented Angel Foundation with a check from their fundraising efforts. Thank you to these girls — and the other community groups that selflessly give of their time, energy, and imagination to raise funds for Angel Foundation. We couldn’t do it without you!” –Natasha

“We regularly receive cards, letters, emails and social media postings from the local adults with cancer we help. These beautiful messages are heart-touching and humbling to read. It continues to amaze me that people who are so sick and who have a mountain of worries actually take the time to write us these eloquent notes and thank us with such genuine feeling. I am grateful to them for the inspiration and lessons in grace and gratitude they provide.” -Sheri

“I am beyond appreciative of the time, talent, and dedication of our amazing volunteers! I have truly enjoyed getting to know all of them better as we work together and look forward to continuing to build these relationships.” -Natalie

“I received a call from a woman wanting to give a donation. She has cancer and said it was important to contribute to others who have cancer. ‘Tell them that the money came from someone who is just like them, someone who knows first-hand that living with cancer is so, so hard,’ she said. I was deeply touched by her call, and humbled by her concern for others. Thank you to her and to all our generous donors.” -Linne

“I want to thank the staff of Angel Foundation for their passionate, tireless efforts to serve adults with cancer and their families in our community. Each day, they use their gifts in so many ways to fulfill the mission of Angel Foundation. I am in awe of their commitment and dedication to their important work.” -Mark

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you, from all of us at Angel Foundation!
Our best wishes for a beautiful holiday season.