Funds Raised: $43,000 to help adults with cancer and their families

Expenses: Less than $2,100 thanks to Luther Automotive and their contractors for their generosity

Surprises and Obstacles

Square footage: 35,000

Items for sale: Tens of thousands

Time the lights went out: Late Friday night

Hours spent pushing water back out of the building in the torrential rain: Many

Time the lights came back on: 2:30 pm Saturday

Volunteers coming together to put together the sale: more than 100


Saturday: 622

Sunday: 666

Monday: 377

Tuesday: 756

TOTAL: 2,421

A few final words from Angel’s Attic co-chair Kay Melemed:

“We are incredibly grateful for our volunteers and contacts who made the first Angel’s Attic benefit sale such a success. When they say ‘it takes a village’, we KNOW that to be true…and in this case the village came together to help us help Angel Foundation families facing cancer deal with the devastation cancer brings to their lives.”