Give an Angel Pack™ to a Friend!

Are you looking for a meaningful gift or a cancer care package for a loved one with cancer?

Angel Packs™ are kits created for children, and young people, who have a parent or loved one that has been diagnosed with cancer. They are the perfect gift for a friend or family member with cancer.

Angel Packs™ are designed to help adults diagnosed with cancer and their school-aged children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or little ones they love by:

  1. Providing adults with research backed talking points and tools to make it easier to speak openly and honestly about having cancer with children, so they don’t have to sift through information on the web, or try to compose the conversation on their own.
  2. Providing children with evidence based and developmentally appropriate activities, comfort items, and reading materials to help them absorb, understand, and cope with the diagnosis.

How to Gift Angel Packs

Gift a kit for every child in the family. There are three different age-appropriate versions designed specifically for children, pre-teens, and teens. Explore these options below.


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