Earlier this week, we discussed how the deteriorating economy is reflected in rising applications for financial aid grants here at Angel Foundation. But there is another side of this economic coin: for many charities, it can be tough to keep up a typical fundraising pace when the markets are struggling.

Angel Foundation has been blessed so far this year with solid financial support for our programs, thanks in large part to our generous corporate sponsors like AT&T and Rim BlackBerry as well as Minnesota Oncology, a perennially strong sponsor, but also through numerous community fundraisers at the grass-roots level. Local groups like Juggbros, Just Cause, and others have held their own events in recognition of the important problems our foundation works to address. We wouldn’t be able to continue the work we do each day without the widespread support of our local community.

Yesterday’s Pioneer Press carried a front-page article on this topic,(“Struggling Charities Shove the Fancy Galas Aside”) noting that many charities have gotten creative in their methods for sustaining the bottom line. Thinking smaller, keeping it local, and partnering with other events, businesses, and organizations seems to be the key for a financially healthy non-profit in tough economic times. Angel Foundation is incredibly thankful to all those people and organizations that have continued their support in this difficult economic environment.

If you are interested in hosting an event in our honor, check out our guidelines here. We are also looking for a wine sponsor for our upcoming fall fashion show! If you or your organization is interested, contact Deborah.