Giving Hope to Cancer Patients: Christina’s Story

I moved to Minnesota in the fall of 2000 for a job opportunity. I live with my daughter and our crazy dog and we love staying active and exploring outside. To relieve stress and stay sane, I also drink coffee, bake desserts and run.

Unfortunately, just after Memorial Day last year I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. I had planned out a busy summer of activities with my daughter including outdoor concerts, swimming, camping, running, and house projects. I kept my schedule as best I could, but it was so hard not knowing how I would feel, what plans I could commit to, if I would have the energy to do the things I needed to, if I could still be the parent I want to be, and how to still play and have fun. The first time I had to back out of weekend plans because I didn’t feel well made all of this very REAL.

The single hardest thing to prepare for, after being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, was telling my 7-year-old. I wanted to give her enough information, but not too much; a chance to ask questions and get good answers; and be honest with her, without scaring her.

Angel Foundation gave me the courage and the tools to talk with my daughter about my diagnosis and what to expect. The day I chose to talk with her, I used the Angelpack as my guide. It reassured her and made this hard conversation doable. She talked about the Angel Foundation at her summer childcare program and made a friend whose family was also connected with the Angel Foundation. It has been comforting to know that there are other kids and families out there dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

I started chemo the beginning of July and counted down the 20 weeks until I completed chemo mid- November 2019. I had a bilateral mastectomy mid-December.

I am now cancer free!

I’m excited to get back to what I love and finding a way to offer up hope to others who find themselves in this difficult situation.

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