Green Darlene, a Twin Cities-based home-cleaning business, was founded by David and Cindy Bearman as a service dedicated to environmentally-friendly cleaning techniques.Green Darlene will soon be partnering with Angel Foundation to provide free cleaning services to families that are facing cancer. All of Green Darlene’s cleaning products are non-toxic, non-polluting, and free from harsh chemicals. The company’s founders believe in minimizing toxins both to avoid environmental problems like contaminated water and wildlife, as well as potential human health problems like allergies, birth defects and cancer.

In keeping with their firm belief in socially responsible practices, Green Darlene will partner with Angel Foundation in order to provide a caring service those who already facing difficult challenges. Green Darlene has generously offered one free home cleaning service, and a discounted rate for future services, to any family who is facing the impact of a cancer diagnosis. As any patient or survivor can attest, daily household chores become an almost insurmountable burden when added to the emotional and financial stress of a life-threatening disease, as well as the fatigue of medication and treatment. Angel Foundation, while already providing financial assistance, as well as support programs and education, will soon be referring its participating families to Green Darlene to take advantage of this special offer.

Without the support of local companies and individuals like Green Darlene, Angel Foundation would not be able to provide our services for Twin Cities adult cancer patients and their families. The willingness of local organizations to donate their time, services, or sponsorship has enabled Angel Foundation to reach out to over 3000 families through a myriad of services over the last few years.

To learn more about Green Darlene, you may contact its founders, David and Cindy Bearman or visit their website.