Every day, our mail reminds us, and reaffirms us, why we do what we do:

Included in this letter is a donation in the amount of $100 in memory of my mother. She passed away on January 30, 2013, from cancer. She was diagonosed on my birthday in April 2012. Thus began her journey with cancer for the next 10 months.

We experienced ups and downs, making new memories and cherishing every moment we had with Mom. My sister and I were able to be with her for her treatments. My mom was also blessed to have many amazing friends to helped drive her to chemotherapy and radiation appointments. She called all of us her “Earth Angels.”

She was not financially able to reimburse anyone for their time or gas money, and she was not able to afford to purchase gifts as a thank you. When talking with the chemotherapy nurses, they mentioned Angel Foundation, and assisted Mom with the application process. The foundation was amazing and able to provide gas cards and funds for Mom to pay a mortgage payment. This allowed her to pass along the gas cards to those who were driving her to her appointments, and freed up money to help her arrange an “Earth Angel Tea” as a thank you for all of us who had helped her along her journey.

Your gifts to my mom were not just monetary; there were priceless. They allowed Mom to feel as though she could pay back her friends for their love and support in a few small ways. The enclosed donation is just a small token of our appreciation for the generosity that was shown to my mother. We are making this donation in memory of Mom … our mother/sister/aunt/great aunt/grandmother/greatgrandmother/friend.

Thank you to all our generous donors and volunteers for making it possible for Angel Foundation to help so many. We couldn’t do it without you.