On Saturday, August 22nd, the Juggbros, a local non-profit group, held a "Joggling Event" at Lake Harriet to benefit Angel Foundation. "Joggling" involves juggling while walking or running, although many participants chose to simply watch and walk with the jogglers involved. According to one of the Juggbros’ founders, Brett Szalapski, many people at the park wandered over to watch the events-which included Juggbro Blake Szalapski unicycling on a five-foot unicycle while juggling torches! "Several people came up to find out what we were about" said Brett, "most of whom added their own donations". A large crowd joined in on the run/walk, and the event raised over $1700 dollars for Angel Foundation!

Juggbros is a Minnesota non-profit organization founded by two local brothers, Brett and Blake Szalapski. Though only in high school, these two talented jugglers wanted to use their skills to benefit the community. The Juggbros primary goal is to help children grow and learn in a fun environment. By partnering with local organizations like Angel Foundation, they teach, engage, and perform for groups of children in various settings – they recently made an appearance at Angel Foundation’s Kid’s Kamp, for example.

As part of their act, the brothers first put on a performance; kids are fascinated by flying balls and rings, and often cry out in excitement as Brett and Blake begin tossing knives and fiery torches. Brett reports that "It was also quite humorous when it came to questions. People asked, ‘How many things can you juggle?’ and ‘Can you do one knife, one torch, and one club?’ (Yes). My favorite questions by far were, ‘Can you juggle a tree?’ and ‘Can you juggle me?’" After the performance, the brothers work with the children in small groups, building their confidence and teaching them the basics of juggling. According to Brett, Kids Kamp was a fantastic experience overall: "Almost every single child came up to me saying something usually along the lines of ‘Hey Juggbro, watch this!’ " The Szalapskis plan to continue their work with Juggbros in the future, both with annual events as well as working with children.

The Angel Foundation thanks the Juggbros for all their hard work for our families! Our organization would not be able to do all the work we do without the help and support from individuals, corporate sponsors and community partners like the Juggbros. Thank you!