Angel Foundation receives its financial support from a combination of sources; personal donations, our fundraising events like the Angels and Eagles Golf Classic, and grants from foundations and organizations. But there is another important source of funding for Angel Foundation: community members who take it upon themselves to organize and implement fundraising activities in our name.

One of our most prolific community fundraisers is the subject of this week’s blog profile. Just Causehas raised more than $15,000 this year alone for Angel Foundation through specially-made jewelry sales. As noted in our previous blog entry, Just Cause was selected to participate in this year’s Twice the Gift fundraiser, so we anticipate that total rising to benefit even more cancer patients. We are honored to profile their work today!

Kelly Grosklags and Marcia Johnson began Just Cause in 2006 as a fun way to raise money for the 3-Day Susan G. Komen Foundation benefit walk. At first, neither woman knew how to make jewelry, and relied on a friend’s help and advice to get started. Eventually something clicked. “We became more comfortable and addicted to the task at hand,” Kelly now jokes. They ended up enjoying the process so much that they raised much more money than expected for the 3-Day. When they realized the power of this fundraising idea, they decided to continue with it, and chose Angel Foundation as their primary recipient. They decided upon the name ‘Just Cause’ because they truly believe that Angel Foundation is a just cause.

Kelly explains that each piece of their jewelry collection “is created with the intention of hope, healing, and encouragement.” Just Cause jewelry pieces are typically made with a combination of semi-precious stones, sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. Recently the pair has also expanded their products to include luxury gifts like beaded wine stoppers, appetizer knives, letter openers, pens, and key chains.

To sell their pieces, Kelly and Marcia rely on “jewelry parties” hosted by other women in the community. Typically, women will host a “home party”, inviting 8-12 friends to check out the pieces. Jewelry parties have also been held at offices, churches and other events. Just Cause donates a free piece of jewelry to any hostess that helps to organize a Just Cause jewelry party to show their thankfulness in helping a worthy foundation. A full 50% of the money received from these gatherings is donated to Angel Foundation!

“It is not a money-maker for us in any way,” Kelly says, “but we are richer for having the experience of donating and providing many families a night at Valleyfair, an experience at Kids Kamp, or a home payment.” Not only have Kelly and Marcia felt the benefit of donating for a good cause, their buyers experience it as well. “People wear [our jewelry] with pride knowing it contributed to the betterment of family life.”

If you are interested in hosting a Just Cause party at your home, office, family reunion, synagogue, church, or event of any kind, contact Kelly Grosklags at 952-393-2477.