We are truly blessed to have the generous support from the local community.  This spring, students from Stevenson Elementary School in Fridley worked together to raise money and awareness for Angel Foundation.  The entire school was involved in the fundraising effort, donating a total of $2,053.18.  Additionally, the students created 120 care packages for kids attending our Kids Kamp program this summer.

The fundraiser began in April, when Stevenson Elementary held a school carnival featuring one of the carnival games called POW! Ball.  Students also helped by buying POW! t-shirts and selling blue ribbons with all proceeds donated to Angel Foundation. 

Finally, in early June, all the students, from kindergarten to 4th grade, held a closing celebration where they created care packages for our kid campers.  These care packages included bead dragonfly key chains, yarn and bead necklaces, decorated picture frames, I Spy! Bottles, and tie-dye bandanas.

The fundraiser held by Stevenson Elementary was a great success and has proven that even the littlest hands can make a big difference.

“I was humbled and pleasantly surprised by how the entire school (and district personnel) really embraced Angel and made it a part of the school life,” says Janice, co-director of the Facing Cancer Together program. “I know the kids at camp will have many smiles when they discover all the gifts that the school made for them.” 

Thank you to all the students and faculty for your wonderful support!

by Sam Wroge, Angel Foundation intern