Here at Angel Foundation, we are excited to have Jill Stein Lipset join our team as the new Teen Outreach Coordinator.  She will lead the teen group in the Facing Cancer Together program, as well as the year-round activities specifically designed for our teenage participants.





Jill holds a B.A. in Public Policy from DePaul University, with a minor in Latino American Studies. She recently completed her M.Ed in Youth Development Leadership at the University of Minnesota, and is also pursuing a graduate certificate in Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices, with a focus in Health and Well-being Coaching.

Jill has traveled around the world a few times over, also leading volunteer and leadership trips for teenagers in Ghana and Guatemala. She has served as outdoor educator at the National Outdoor Leadership School and as an instructor for the University of Minnesota course “Living Worth Living: Questions of Self, Vocation, and Community.” She volunteers at Fairview Hospitals doing energy work with patients, and loves to create environments that promote healing and wholeness.

Most recently, Jill serves as the events and development coordinator with the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment. She feels at home in the wilderness, and loves to find meaning and peace in nature. Having lost her father to pancreatic cancer in 2011, Jill deeply identifies with the mission of Angel Foundation, and understands the profound physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual impact that cancer has on everyone in the family and grater community setting. 

“Angel Foundation is a place where I can put all my passions and life experiences to use. I love working with teenagers. I think the teenage experience is an incredibly dynamic time in a person’s life, and I remember how much it meant for me to have supportive adults that I could turn to in good times and bad,” says Jill. 

“I connect deeply with the Angel Foundation mission, as I also have experienced a parental cancer diagnosis. I know what that full spectrum of emotions feels like, and I believe it is part of my own journey to be present to others going through similar experiences. I have already learned so much from the teens that I have met, and I am so amazed to see the strength and support within each family.”

We look forward to working with Jill and are positive that she will make an excellent addition to Angel Foundation.

By Sam Wroge, marketing intern for Angel Foundation