Mikaela Mohr



Being the child of a cancer patient is one thing but having to navigate that experience as a caregiver is quite another. Mikaela was in fifth grade when her mom was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. They were a family of three at the time; her mom, her little sister, and herself. They didn’t have much but they had each other.

The hardest part was not knowing where to go or what resources existed – it felt like they had to reinvent the wheel at every turn. This is why Mikaela created More Than a Diagnosis; a movement to create visibility for cancer support resources throughout Minnesota.

Mikaela didn’t exactly know about the Angel Foundation as a kid, but if she could go back in time this is exactly the kind of organization her family needed. The support, resources, tools, and staff make a pivotal difference for every cancer patient who needs help.

The crown Mikaela wears resembles the Miss Minnesota/Miss America organization at the local level, however to her; it’s the biggest megaphone! Mikaela’s goal is to shout from the rooftops about the abundance of support that exists for cancer families, so they know where to go and who to turn to during the toughest of times.

Please know that she’s here, she sees you, and she’s happy to support you the best she can.


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