At Angel Foundation, we are blessed daily by the generosity of many volunteers and donors who not only give of their time and money, but also give of their hearts. Scott Petinga of Akquracy is one of those. Today is Scott’s “cancer birthday,” a day he celebrates, and he gave permission to share with you why. Happy “birthday,” Scott. Thank you for all you do helping Angel help adults with cancer and their families:

By Scott Petinga

I can’t even fathom how my life could have unfolded if nine years ago I didn’t wake up with cancer. I was becoming a narcissist. Emotionless. Perhaps it was due to middle child syndrome or countless other acronyms that are doled out haphazardly to categorize people that are “different.” Or most likely I was just a complete @%!$# asshole.

Nothing like being scared shitless to make you change your ways and aware of what’s around you. Today, by no means am I perfect. For starters, I forget sometimes how lucky I am to actually wake up every day, because nine years ago, I almost didn’t. Sadly, I can’t remember the last time I told my folks I love them. I should; but always thought they knew how I felt. Most importantly, I don’t nearly thank my wife enough for her dedication, support and her sacrifices. I should; but often times I get too busy and forget.

As time passes by and as my body gets better, so will I emotionally. Plus I can’t help be influenced by individuals who truly have made an impact on me as they work tirelessly to make a difference in people’s lives. Margie Sborov, Jonny Imerman and Ashley Wise … you are undeniably America’s unsung heroes as well as mine.

In closing,

Margie, Jonny and Ashley, thank you for opening your arms and embracing me.

Mom and Dad, thank you for being you. I love you!

Joanna, because of you I am everything. Without you I am nothing.