Angel Foundation has new Facing Cancer Together programs to support the whole family. Each group will provide parents, children, young adults, and caregivers with therapeutic activities and the ability to connect with others in similar situations. More information on each program is available below. We hope you can join us for these educational and supportive groups.

Parents get support and build community at Angel Foundation

Parent Group | Art Therapy & Pain Management TechniquesJanuary 16, 2016

This Art Therapy group will give parents living with cancer the opportunity to spend time engaging in valuable self-care and pain management techniques, while also providing time to socialize & network with other parents in the cancer community. We will be exploring the creative process with a variety of art materials and art therapy directives focused on the reduction of anxiety, pain and boost ability to cope with stress. We will have a variety of 2D materials available. If you have preferred materials, photographs, etc. bring them along. Bring a sketchbook or journal for additional processing if you wish.

Young Adults (18-26) with Cancer | Learn to Knit while Creating and ConnectingJanuary 21, 2016

Volunteers and staff will provide an opportunity to young adults living with cancer to learn how to knit, and connect with other young adults in the cancer community. Knitting is a distinctive craft that has intrinsic distraction and relaxation qualities, as well as providing creative and therapeutic outlets. Come with any skill level and Angel Foundation will provide you with needles and yarn to take home. Learn, laugh and relax – we teach and you can do all the talking!

Children’s Group with a Parent with Cancer | Medical Play GroupJanuary 23, 2016

This children’s group provides direct and indirect ways to play out his/or her medical experiences on a doll or stuffed animal. There will be an opportunity to play with medical play kits and real medical equipment. This group will learn about a port, port access/deaccess and how their parent receives special medicine for their cancer. Your child will play with common medical items such as stethoscopes, Band-aids, doctor’s hats, gloves, masks, etc. This medical play group is to help clarify and interpret their understanding about what their parent is experiencing living with cancer. This group will be led by two Certified Child Life Specialists who have clinical expertise in child development and help children cope with the challenges of the medical environment and illness.

Caregiver Group | Music Therapy | Uplift and Transform – February 11, 2016

This group is designed specifically for caregiver’s with a spouse or partner living with a cancer diagnosis. This group will be led by a Music Therapist and will provide strategies and tools for managing stress and anxiety, as well as ways to use music and imagery to help facilitate relaxation and sleep. A variety of handouts and informational materials will be provided along with opportunities to experience various ways to relax. Learn how to assess how you and your body are experiencing stress and how to determine which relaxation and stress management techniques are best suited to address these different types of stress. You will learn several techniques that you can put to use at home for your own self-care and with loved ones too. Come learn and relax!

To register for a program mentioned above, contact Jessica Lindsay at email or (612) 627-9000.