This time of year, we receive many invitations to high school graduation parties for participants in our Facing Cancer Together programs. We are inspired by these young people who, despite the duress and uncertainty accompanying a parental cancer diagnosis, have reached this milestone in their lives. Given that many teens assume more family responsibilities when a parent is living with cancer, this is in an impressive accomplishment. We are honored to be part of their lives and have been enriched by their wisdom, strength, and resilience.

We are touched to receive notes like the following from a couple of members of our growing “family” of grads:

“Thank you for all of the well wishes. You guys have played a big part in how I am today. I plan to try to come back and help in the future. Thank you for all of the great memories and for the opportunities that I’ve had to meet new friends and make new connections with people I never would have met without your organization.”

“Thank you so much for all the opportunities you’ve provided. You guys will always be in my thoughts and prayers. I will never forget these memories. I’ll miss y’all.  See you next year!” 

And as experience tells us at Angel Foundation, many teens do come back to serve as teen mentors and volunteers for activities such as Kids Kamp, our Teen Outreach program and various other activities. Their participation in these roles is vital to our work, bringing a depth of understanding that comes only from those who have been there themselves.

We look forward to seeing these young people in the future. We can’t wait to see what great strides they’ll make next.