As Angel Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary, we’ve talked a lot about the Power of 10 and what that means in terms of support of Angel Foundation.   On that list are suggestions like have a dinner party for 10 friends and ask them to make a donation, ask 10 friends to “like” Angel Foundation on Facebook, donate $10 or $100—you get the picture.   Be part of the Power of 10Read more

Over the past month a group of 15 families have come together every Monday to participate in Angel Foundation’s Facing Cancer Together Education and Support program.  We’ve talked about the Power of 10 there, too.  One week in the teen group we talked about the top 10 emotions they experienced when they learned their mom or dad had cancer.  The teens came up with the following list:

1.       Confused:  Why my family?  What does this mean for my future?  My mom’s so healthy—how could this happen?

2.      Angry:  It’s not fair.  My family doesn’t deserve this.  Why me?

3.       Stressed:  I have to cook dinner most nights and pick up my sister from dance lessons.  When will I be able to get my homework done?  When will I get to have some fun?

4.      Lonely:  I feel different from before the diagnosis.  None of my friends understand what I’m going through.

5.       Loved:  Lots of people—aunts, neighbors, my mom’s friends—are helping cook meals and clean the house.

6.      Concerned:  What will happen if the chemotherapy doesn’t work?  Why is mom always so tired?

7.       Special:  I feel different and my friends don’t really know what to say to me now.

8.      Anxious:  What will the doctor say today?  How bad is it really?  What does Stage IV mean?

9.      Worried:  What if mom doesn’t get better?  Who will take care of my little brother?  Who will take care of me?

10.   Hopeful:  Treatment’s over.  Maybe the cancer is gone now?

 A cancer diagnosis unlocks a flood of emotions, fears and questions.  Angel Foundation’s Facing Cancer Together supports families as they navigate this new world by encouraging open and honest communication between family members and helping each member of the family face the diagnosis with resilience and a positive attitude for the future.  

No other organization in the Twin Cities meets the needs of adults with cancer and their families like Angel Foundation.  Thankfully, Angel Foundation is here for them.  Your partnership as a volunteer or donor will ensure that we are here for years to come.