Kids Kamp Set for June 12-14 in Eden Prairie

Tentative. Shy. Worried.

This is familiar behavior exhibited by many kids arriving on the first day of Angel Foundation’s Kids Kamp.

Then something magical begins to happen:

Over three days of camp, these kids blossom, becoming comfortable, confident and happy. Participating in activities, they develop skills to meet the daily challenge of cancer in their family.

It is a joy and our privilege to witness the transformation each year. The magic will return June 12-14 at Eden Wood Center in Eden Prairie.

Angel Foundation’s Kids Kamp, free to children of parents facing cancer, truly makes a difference in the lives of campers and their families.

“Knowing that they are not alone in having a mom with cancer has helped my children relax and open up,” one parent wrote us. “They acknowledge that it is hard, but that they have talked more openly since camp.”

If you know a family with school-age children facing cancer, do them a favor and tell them about Kids Kamp. Sign up here.

If you would like to help, consider: Kids Kamp is free to eligible campers, but it costs $250 to send a child to camp. If would like to help us fund this cause, thank you! Please donate here or contact Linne Lemke, or (612) 627-9000 Ext. 512.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of local adults with cancer and their children.