I am continually amazed by how generous people in Minnesota can be. A couple of days ago, I visited the warehouse where the Angel’s Attic benefit sale was being set up. It was truly unbelievable. This 45,000 square foot space is brimming with a lot of fabulous stuff – from furniture to antiques to Halloween decorations. Literally thousands of items all donated to benefit the families we serve here at Angel Foundation.

Behind this incredible sale are dozens of volunteers giving so freely of their time and energy to make Angel’s Attic the best sale of new and nearly new merchandise ever. They have been working for months collecting, pricing, and displaying items often in punishing heat and humidity yet they always have energy to laugh and joke.

This generosity of time, spirit, and stuff will have an enormous impact. The money raised will mean that more and more families will be able to make their mortgage payment, cook a healthy meal, get to their doctor appointments, and/or send their children to our summer Facing Cancer Together Kids Kamp.  We are truly grateful! Now time to shop…

By Missy Lundquist, co-director of Angel Foundation’s Facing Cancer Together program