At this year’s Kids Kamp, held at Eden Wood in Eden Prairie from August 7-9, campers ages 5-18  participated in many different activities over the three days including a ropes course for the teens, art activities, Olympic themed games, pie eating contest, and karaoke.  Through the camp, kids learn that they are not the only ones living with a parent with cancer and that they can still have fun and be a kid.

This year’s theme, “iINSPIRE”, was omnipresent among the campers.  The kids took time to reflect upon what inspired them and how they can channel that inspiration to help them through the more difficult days.  They also learned how they can inspire others.  One of the projects built around this theme was the creation of “inspiration boxes” filled with words of inspiration that can be shared with others or simply kept with the kids themselves to read when they need hope.

Truly inspirational at Kids Kamp is the bond that is created among the campers.  Many kids arrive to camp on the first day initially hesitant, but by the end, make several new friends that understand what they are going through.  The campers were naturals at helping each other and quickly came to comfort those who were struggling.  These kids left Kids Kamp, instilled with a sense of strength, courage, and hope that they can share with their loved ones.

We have received numerous thank you letters from campers and their parents following Kids Kamp:

“Thanks for letting me and my classmates be a part of Kids Kamp,” wrote one of the campers.  “I had a great time and hope I am able to be around next year to volunteer.  You guys do an amazing job and you guys really do give me inspiration to help others.  Wherever I end up working, I hope I can help families in similar ways that the Angel Foundation does.”

A parent of a camper wrote “I just wanted to say THANK YOU.  My son loved it.  And yesterday evening’s activities were fun too.  It was terrific seeing people and seeing such positive energy from all the kids.”

Kids Kamp was a great success this year.  The weather was fine and the volunteers and campers left with many fun memories.  Thank you to all the volunteers that helped out with the camp and the kids that participated this year.  And remember…  Inspire and be inspired!


By Sam Wroge, Intern for Angel Foundation