We are excited to introduce you to Angel Foundation’s new executive director, Vicki Stute.

Vicki joined Angel Foundation on Wednesday, December 1, and she has been settling in beautifully. Her professional career spans nearly 20 years of executive leadership with four chambers of commerce and various non-profit organizations.

During her career, Vicki has driven strong performance through vision, innovation, creativity and change, as well as through her passion for quality service focused on mission-based results. With Vicki’s proven track record of success in organizational development, we are confident she will be a strong leader as we expand our programs and services to the cancer community and enhance our relationships and donor base.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to lead this incredible organization of dedicated staff, volunteers, and donors,” says Vicki. “Through continued growth and innovation over the next few years, Angel Foundation will be poised to provide renewed hope and support to more families facing cancer.”

As we celebrate and welcome our new leader, we also say a bittersweet goodbye to our former executive director, Marsha Lietz. Marsha made the decision to step down from her role after realizing she needed to dedicate more time to supporting her aging parents. But she is by no means leaving Angel Foundation behind, as she will continue to serve on our board of directors.

 “The decision to leave the ED position was a difficult one, but one that was made easier when we found Vicki,” says Marsha. “She brings a strong experience base and passion for our mission that will serve Angel Foundation well in the years to come. I look forward to working with and supporting Vicki as I move into the board of director role.”

Vicki also brings a special cancer connection to Angel Foundation, as she lost her mother to cancer and has witnessed the effects of the illness on many of her friends and family members. She understands the needs of those we serve and is eager to leverage her non-profit and business expertise to positively impact those living with cancer.