Joseph continues to receive radiation treatments for his cancer (visit our blog at and his family is doing their best to adjust to the”new normal”.  Joseph’s family is the center of his world and in spite of his cancer diagnosis, he still feels he has much to be grateful for.

As family conversation centered on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and all the things they are thankful for, Amelia, Joseph’s daughter, gave him a picture she had drawn.  It was a typical picture from a five year old–a big sun in the sky, brightly colored flowers, a house and a figure that was unmistakably Joseph.  He was the center of the picture, taller than the house with arms outstretched and a huge smile.  “Daddy, this is you when the doctor says the cancer is gone”, said Amelia.

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At Angel Foundation, we’re grateful for each of you–our families, donors, volunteers and community partners.  Happy Thanksgiving.