On October 3, Angel Foundation will begin the Education and Support Series for the Facing Cancer Together program. This year’s series will bring some exciting changes:  we will be holding the series at the new Angel Foundation office and we will extend the series from five to six weeks in length in response to many requests from families.

The Education and Support Series is held twice a year for families facing a parental cancer diagnosis who have minor children. The group will meet six weeks in a row with other families facing cancer to discuss a different topic each night. Topics include change, feelings, support, self care, strengths and making meaning of the experience. Each of these topics is addressed in a specific parent group, children’s group, pre teen group and teen group at the same time, but in different age appropriate ways.

The goals of the Education and Support series are to forge resilience by improving communication in the family and broadening each family’s network of support.  We are excited to provide our families with Angel Foundation’s new home—a place where the seeds of communication and support are planted and nurtured.

If your family or a family you know is interested in our Education and Support Series, please contact Missy Lundquist at 612-627-9000 x507 or mlundquist@mnangel.org .