Since 2001, Angel Foundation has served over 15,000 families facing a cancer diagnosis.  Thanks to your support, Angel Foundation is here to provide emergency financial assistance, education and support to help families grow stronger and find meaning in the cancer experience.  Thank you for helping make that possible.

Over the last several weeks you’ve read about Joseph, his family and his cancer diagnosis.  Cancer’s impact on the family has been significant in many ways–physically, emotionally, socially and financially.

Money is tight for the family right now.  The drain of daily transportation for radiation treatment and associated co-pays coupled with a drastic reduction in income has left the family in a financially precarious position.

A Small Fund Making a Big Difference

One day at his treatment appointment the nurse asked about the upcoming holiday.  Joseph shared that he was afraid that this year things were pretty tight and that they would have to scale back on gift giving.  This is hard for Joseph–he has always enjoyed being able to give a special gift to his wife and spoil his children a little over the holidays.  It was hard to think that cancer would implicate itself on his family this way too.

Upon learning this, Joseph’s oncology nurse recommended the family for a gift card from Margie’s Fund.  Margie’s Fund is a small fund of Angel Foundation’s Financial Assistance Program made in honor of the organization’s found, Margie Sborov.  This fund provides assistance up to $200 and is reserved for families facing extraordinary situations due to cancer treatment.  Every November and December, a special campaign provides gift cards to Cub Foods or Target to help adults in treatment buy food for a holiday meal, gifts or necessities for themselves and their families.  In 2011, over 200 adults with cancer and their families will benefit from this special campaign.

Earlier this year, Margie was selected as an Eleven Who Care recipient for her service to the cancer community and to Angel Foundation.   To learn more follow this link to a recent KARE 11 interview

Thank you again for your support through volunteerism, financial contributions, event attendance and all the other ways you support Angel Foundation.  Together, we are making a difference in the lives of families when cancer strikes.